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Raspbian (Raspberry PI)

ARMv6 Hardfloat


tar -xvf ympd-1.2.3-armhf.tar.bz2
sudo ./ympd --webport 80
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git clone
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pacman -U /path/to/ympd-git.tar.gz
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Archphile (Raspberry PI Image)

Yet Another Archlinux Based Audiophile Distribution For Raspberry Pi

ympd is part of Archphile, an Archlinux ARM/Mpd based distribution for Raspberry pi model B targeted to users with USB DACS.


Build instructions

  1. install the dependencies: cmake and libmpdclient are available from all major distributions.
  2. create build directory cd /path/to/src; mkdir -p build; cd build
  3. create makefile with cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX_PATH=/usr
  4. build with make
  5. install with sudo make install or just run with ./ympd


  1. First, ensure MPD ist running, then start ympd by invoking ympd
  2. ympd will listen on default port 8080, navigate to http://localhost:8080 to see the web gui
  3. You can change the default port with the --webport [PORT] Option.
  4. For more Options, see man ympd or ympd --help


	-h, --host HOST
	connect to mpd at host, defaults to localhost

	-p, --port PORT
	connect to mpd at port, defaults to 6600

	-w, --webport PORT
	specifies the port for the webserver to listen to, defaults to 8080

	-u, --user username
	drop privileges to the provided username after socket binding

	-V, --version
	print version and exit

	--help print all valid options and exits

ympd is a lightweight MPD (Music Player Daemon) web client that runs without a dedicated webserver or interpreters like PHP, NodeJS or Ruby. It's tuned for minimal resource usage and requires only very litte dependencies.

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